Sub 24


Yesterday Rachel headed out for a 3day, 2night bike packing trip on the White Rim. Helping her get the bike and gear dialed in the days prior, made me a bit envious. So I got my backpack loaded along with a couple for the dogs to share and set out for a quick overnight.


We didn’t end up starting our hike in till almost 4:pm. So I picked a random area that gets little human action this time of year, yet was still close enough to the highway for easy access. Despite carrying little gear, we did have a good bit of water for a dry camp site. The load felt surprisingly light on my back, but both Jackson and Lexi were noticeably slower and less wild with their own swaying packs full of water and dog treats.


Cresting the hill and then bushwhacking down and out of a wash found us our spot for the night. A nice little nook with some shade, soft sand to sleep on and great views. Love camping in these quiet, unknown little spots. Some how they are both unremarkable and spectacular at the same time.



After a quick break in the shade, we ditched our packs and hiked down the the river. This turned out to be a popular choice as the dogs charged down the beach and leapt into the frigid spring melt off. After some quality time splashing about, barking incessantly and wrestling on the edge of out right warfare, we hiked back up the canyon to our campsite.



The rest of the evening I sat in the dirt, on rocks and gazed upon the sky, the snowy mountains, sage covered hills. I made a small fire, cooked up my rice noodles and sardines, drank a couple beers and watched the sun dance upon the clouds and landscape. I listened to the wind blow calm and soothing through the scrubby trees. I threw sticks and scrubbed dog necks and butts.


For those 18 hours or so, life was reduced to something simple. I didn’t figure anything out, have any realizations or visions. It just felt good to be surrounded by a reality that was not full of broken bikes, needy customers, hungry computers, and to do lists.


There were no ticking of clocks, no stress of missing out on a work out, no worries about PR’s, and setting records. Instead the time was filled with the howl of coyotes, sweet bird songs, whispers of the wind, the crackle of the fire and a sunset and a sunrise. (and of course the wild cries, whimpers and barking of three crazy dogs!)


post overnighter…got to love tired puppies….


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