Spent a good bit of the day getting Rachel’s dirt road bike, my old El Chi, ready for some bike pack fun. Took some time to figure out which bags would fit and carry 9+ liters of water for an upcoming two night White Rim trip.

After lots of stuffing and un-stuffing and getting the bike all loaded we headed out for a little shake down spin.  Which was a good thing from the gear/bag side of things as there are some adjustments to be made for sure. Live and learn and learn…


The weather window turned out to be quite glorious. The sun was shining, the wind was at our backs and the dark swirling clouds seemed to be everywhere but overhead. We headed out on pavement, shortly thereafter we turned onto dirt and then up a steep hike a bike filled almost forgotten old single track.


Despite the trolling for ticks, the scratching of legs and the potential annoyance of pushing bikes, I was stoked to be exactly where we were. To my wonder and surprise, Rach seemed to be enjoying the adventure as well. There was something about the random and primitive aspect of this outing that just made me want more. I didn’t want to come home. I want to still be out there huddling under a tarp in the trees watching the sunset.


Something dawned on me out there today. I have an open slate this summer. I can go bikepacking with no agenda. There is time to enjoy all those many amazing camp spots, rather than wistfully pass them by. So many roads, trails, streams, and mountains to explore…and someone that wants to go there with me. Today inspiration hit me in a whole new way and I am smiling something grand in appreciation.


livin, lovin

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