no more whining




Yesterday I wrote a blog post expressing how I felt that moment. I was feeling deeply envious of someone who is living something close to my “dream” or what I think it could be.

I got a lot of very awesome and positive response to this post. So many amazing people gave me wonderful thoughts, advice and encouragement. Pretty freaking beautiful really.

After a good nights sleep and a set of fresh eyes this morning I have a new perspective on all that jazz.

I am so lucky, blessed and humbled by this world and this life. The issue wasn’t my life sucking, as that is not true. The issue was that I was envious of someone else’s path and that it appeared to be easy, straight forward and full of everything I want more of. Yet we do not know the details of everyone else’s struggle and life path, we can only know our own.

So the whining is done and out of the way. Time to move forward, to keep reaching for them stars even if they are out of reach. There are great and grand adventures on the horizon and I will be there with a huge, grateful smile on my face.

Thanks for all the support everyone, I will never be rich, but I have an wonderful group of friends that make me very wealthy indeed!


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