Late Fall


Something about every gorgeous late Fall day that makes me think of twilight or dawn. The feeling of being on the cusp of a dramatic shift. Change is in the air, despite being wonderfully warm and calm, Winter with a capitol W is a coming.


Today it was sunny, comfortable and the riding still mostly on dirt. The layering system is still simple and un-encumbering. Able to ride all the way up into the aspens and dark timber and back through the sage back to town. There is some tracked in snow, a good does of mud here and there, but otherwise it was a summer like ride, with just a touch more clothes.


I am so very thankful for days like today and each and every extra bit of gorgeousness. Yet that change is near, the day snow sticks, the ground freezes and Winter is Here! In many ways I look forward to that shift. I am excited to ride fat bikes on snow, do some skiing, snowshoeing, maybe even some grooming? Plus there is a certain quiet and feeling of place when being out there in the cold and brutal landscape of winter in the mountains.


Change is here, life is happening now. Tomorrow Winter might be upon us, but everyday is a chance to make that shift, to step forward into the light of a new dawn. Everyday I learn a little bit more, little bit more….still got a long ways to go.


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