Ride and Repeat

When I grow up, I just want to ride bikes. Sure there are other things that I like to do, but nothing makes me as happy as going for a bike ride. It really just works everytime. If I could have a super power I think it would being able to ride all day, everyday and live happily ever after.

flow like water

flow like water

It sounds so simple and perfect, yet it is kinda funny how this love of pedaling can make me get pretty crazy. Seems that simply going riding is fantastic and wonderful, but never quite enough. It does not take long at all before I start getting crazy ideas bouncing around in my head and those ideas become dreamlike quests, that in turn become obsessions.


Maybe it is true, that I need these huge challenges to keep me focused, moving forward and keep my head in a positive place. I do have a lot of intensity that needs to go somewhere or think too much about this fucked up world and get really grumpy. But I also have this nagging desire to push myself, to get out there and experience things in a very vulnerable and absolute black and white sort of way. Riding bikes in the mountains has a way of doing just that, making you feel triumphant for surviving near death and tiny for getting your arse so very much kicked.


The bottom line is that the Divide is out for me this year, it just ain’t gonna happen. There is much to do, things to get in line and life to live. I think the CTR will be a gO in July and there are some ideas popping inside my head that have me feeling very excited, scared and stoked to be alive. Cause it is all about riding bikes, soaking up the sunsets and making good on the life we have to live. So get out there and gO ride, it really is always worth it!!!


1 thought on “Ride and Repeat

  1. I hope this doesn’t sound too weird, but I think about you at least once every time that I ride. I’m only on the trails for an hour or two at a time on my singlespeed, and when I’m running out of gas I wonder how the hell you are able to ride for so long. I also wonder how fast you go as I’m feeling like a loser for grinding up the hills at only 6 or 7mph. But most of all, I’m just having fun ~ enjoying nature. Thanks for being an inspiration.

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