No Easy Ride


Funny how we can fool ourselves sometimes. I really thought that getting ready to ride the Divide again would be easier. The training would be familiar and my fitness would carry over. I was pretty sure that after winning the damn thing that finding the cash would be easier and I wouldn’t have to stress so much. The whole process seemed like it would flow so much better.


when in doubt gORide under the setting sun

The truth is that I have been slacking on the training. I really did want to go into this years race a bit more rested and relaxed, but instead I’ve neglected some key elements. I am tight as can be and have really exasperated some serious muscle imbalances that have my knee freaking the rest of me out. I simply have not done my homework and I know better.


never hurts to have some great company along

I also haven’t made the TD enough of a priority. I traveled around to race in Idaho and Arizona instead of saving my money for June. There has been a little too much beer drinking and that stuff ain’t cheap. I blew a bunch of dough on a new fatbike this winter. I didn’t get out there and work for more sponsorships. Lots of little things can really add up and it really is funny how time flies and suddenly you realize your bank account is empty.

flow like water

flow like water

Sometimes it all stresses me out so much that I think maybe it is best to stay home this June. It sure would be easier in so many ways. Easy is what it is and it just isn’t me. I freaking hate getting up early to stretch and do leg lifts, squats, lunges and such, but it really does keep me moving forward, focused and true to my dreams. Not drinking a beer or two or three, after a long day at work or an awesome ride is hard, but it also feels good to dedicate myself on a whole new level. It is crunch time, make it happen with everyday efforts, fill those minutes to the brim. There’s lots of hard work to do in the next couple months and that’s alright cause hard can also be a lot of fun. gORide!

remember it is what you make it

remember it is what you make it

4 thoughts on “No Easy Ride

  1. oh no! it looks like your fork blew apart… that’s the problem. from experience I would say never underestimate the impact the mind can have on the body and the body can have on the mind. I’ve been working on some imbalances, increasing range of motion, and not going through the physical actions feeling frustrated is always hard. good mental imagery (of lengthening quads for example) and positive imagination is really part of the process. I hope to see you out there in June, but my part of watching from the couching and cheering people on sure is easy.

  2. Would you be willing to share your impressions on your new fork? I looked at their Web site but would be interested in your thoughts on suitability for the TDR. On paper it look ideal

    • So far Marshall I am digging it. I have some wrist/hand issues that make he rigid fork just a bit too harsh, but I just don’t trust a suspension fork for that many miles without service and I don’t like the extra weight. This fork fits in between nicely, roughly 2.25 pounds, stiff and just enough give, kinda of like a “soft nose” fork. I am going to ride it some more and will keep testing it out. Think it could be the perfect Divide fork.

  3. Nothing is ever easy. Everything takes longer than expected, everything costs more than what you have, and smooth sailing is a rarity. Now if I can only figure out why…

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