Sometimes the thought of creating my own reality crosses my mind and gets mingled up with everything else bouncing around in there.

the long, long road

the long, long road

This world, so big, so grand and just waiting to be explored. That is if you get off your ass, out of your comfort zone and gO forth seeking that adventure.


desert sunset

The cost can be tough to accept. Change is turbulent, rough and dirty.


sunlit bike love

The rewards are simply amazing. Words can not equal the feeling inside that living and breathing your dreams can.


sweet sweet surrender

Helps to have someone supportive, loving and understanding to explore the paths ahead and help you get back up when you fall.


sun chasing nomads

What is possible, what new dreams can be chased? What courage and determination will it take?


Meanwhile back in the mountains…..

From Winter to Desert Spring and back to Winter again. Transitions are everywhere, change is powerful and liberating.

read the warning!

read the warning!

Life is now. Living in the present is fantastic. Dreaming of the Future is Inspiring. More limits to be pushed, more love to give, sunsets to share and camp fires to seek out. Can hardly wait. Live, Love and Give!



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  1. So in the course of the last two days I’ve followed your journey from last July to present. I love your writing. I identify so much with your posts. Thanks for the inspiration Jefe.
    This summer I’m moving the family out to Boise to begin the next chapter and am Stoked! Decided a couple of months ago to make 2017 my first TD attempt. It is nice to have your thoughts here inspiring along the way!

    • Oh there goes a few hours!
      Thanks for reading, stoked that you enjoy my musings!
      The TD is a wonderful experience, make it happen, you won’t regret it, well not in it’s entirety.
      Feel free to hit me with questions as you ramp up you preparations!

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