Bike racing, much like life, brings so many ups and downs. Soaring highs and crashing lows and everything in between. Sometimes it kicks my ass enough that I begin to wonder if maybe I’m ready to be done. Retire from racing, well big races that I take seriously anyway…


sunset over 24 Hour Town



The thought still bounces around in my head in those moments when it hurts so much that you can’t help but wonder if it is worth it? Why not stop and chill, hang out, do some touring.

The Westie loaded and ready to go south...

The Westie loaded and ready to go south…

Or maybe, just maybe get it figured out and do both? Race my brains out here and there, as well as take time to live in between. I’m trying to get that balance figured out right now. The juggle isn’t easy. I still put in a bit of structure and some hard specific work outs. But mostly I’m doing what I do, sometimes riding and riding and sometimes sleeping in and making kickass breakfast!


That’s one thing I completely forget sometimes. That being fit and fast is a great goal to pursue, but really it is about being happy. Sleeping in here and there, spending time not riding, is good, solid stuff.

Unicorn Love

Unicorn Love

Another thing is rest is always been a thing I have struggled with. Working, dogs, training, sleeping in there somewhere? The funny thing is I feel like my races so far have been great, they hurt as much or more, but my results keep surprising me and I’m really stoked. Maybe chilling out is working for me after all.


2 thoughts on “Reset

  1. This definitely resonates. I am chilling WAY out this year… which is funny given my ambitious travel schedule. I will still race hard and train hard at times, but am taking time to appreciate and enjoy some of the non-racing things in life as well. Hopefully it goes as well for me as it has for you! Fun session this am btw, thanks for the laughs. 🙂

    • Thing is that by chilling out I think I am actually expanding my realm of possibilities. The raging bull that usually guides me forth also tends to get me super stressed and teetering on the brink of burn out. There is just too much I still want to do and do fast. There is life after racing, but I don’t think I”ll be there any time too soon.
      Thanks for reading!

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