Spinning the legs in little circles while the wheels roll slowly along. The naked late fall aspens and cottonwoods slide by on the edges of my vision as the pavement stretches out in a ribbon before me.


A veil of calm slides over my spastic mind. I breath, pedal, roll. The brain is still firing, still seeking, wondering, questioning. Today the frantic pace of thought is lost, there is a sweet solace to this forward movement.


The cracked white line painted across the chip seal fades into dirt, snow, mud and ice. The sun is making the shadows long and dark as it begins to slink over the horizon. The descending cold and gloom makes the woods seem lonely and abandoned. Up the pass chasing the last light of the sun these wheels continue to roll. More snow and mud, more effort to keep the pedals turning.


With legs burning and feet beginning to freeze the view explodes before me. Mountains glowing in the sunset, valleys filled with dark timber and deepening shadows roll forth, pulling me. This little slice of the world seems endlessly vast, cold and alone. Ignoring the coming darkness and the miles of snowy roads, the rolling peace inside wants to just go, roll and live out this state of meditation.



Rolling on home, struggling to keep my feet and hands warm, I find myself filled with a special kind of happiness. The adventure of life is still alive and well, my desire to feel it, love it, live it as strong as ever. Thank you Universe, thank you.



2 thoughts on “Meditation

  1. I love your posts. You make me want to get on my bike and ride. I see your bike is still set up as a singlespeed. Right on! What gear combination do you use? My 26″ Santa Cruz Chameleon is setup with a 34 tooth chainring and a 19 tooth cog. Just wondering how that compares to yours.

  2. Hi Mike!
    Yeah I swore off the old single speed for a while…have to say I just love the simple joy riding the Tranny set up single. For single track riding I use a 33×21, for dirt road-ish riding 33×19.
    Thanks for reading and commenting, it means so much!

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