Tough Love

Cycling came back into my life in 2001. Without any warning it more or less took over my life. Within one summer I was hooked, addicted, maybe even obsessed. I just couldn’t get enough, even with a pretty long riding season here in the Gunnison valley I was seeking the ways and means to ride more. I thought about migrating to warmer climes and ride year round, I love riding in Arizona! Yet something inside me wanted to experience all four seasons, besides I would most likely ride myself into the ground.snow stomp 2 and super bowl ride 024

At about the same time I heard about the Iditabike and I thought well if they can do it in Alaska why not here? At the time I was told that the bikes wouldn’t work with Colorado’s dry snow…..but the thought kept banging around inside my head.

Meanwhile I did a lot of skiing, both lift served and cross country touring. I even got hooked on doing the Elk Mountain Grand Traverse for quite a few years. I like skiing, especially those long tours out into the woods, just a buddy and the dogs….it reminded me of mountain biking!  Still, I never let go of the whole snow bike idea, they kept doing it in AK and else where, seriously why not here? Then I got to see a Pug in person. I think it was Chris Plesko’s purple one, think I seriously stared at it with my mouth open wide. The image of that bike just stuck in my head and I knew at some point I would have to own and ride one.snow stomp 2 and super bowl ride 043

It has been almost two years since I first pieced together my Pigsley. It wasn’t love on the first ride. I more or less got my ass kicked so bad that I really had to take a step back and scratch my head. Wondering really? Is it really this hard? How the hell do they ride these beasts for 1,100 miles? spring creek part 2 1-19-14 033

Now after almost two winters on it, I am in love. I still get my ass kicked. I still feel that level of frustration that makes you question everything.No matter, it is love. I no longer want winter to end too soon. I dream of snow packed trails criss crossing everywhere. I want to create more access, more trails, more riding and more racing! It is tough, but there is not doubt that it is love!

smiles for miles and miles

smiles for miles and miles

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