I have been sleeping in lately. Too tired to get up and rise with the sun as I usually do. It feels weird, not right. But hell as long as I get my stuff done it don’t really matter right?  Seems my riding time has shifted over to evenings as many of my rides have been starting just before or even after sunset.evening fat ride 1-26-14 030

Tonight I got home from work, walked the dogs, prepped the bike and headed out to my beloved Hartman’s for a ride. By the time I clipped into my pedals it was already after 7:30. Dark, very dark and getting colder by the minute.

Yet it is so still, so quiet, completely peaceful out there in that wonderful mix of rocks, sage and snow. Didn’t see a single person, not one vehicle, no noise but the crunching of big tires on the stiff frozen snow.dogs, snowbike ride 12-21, 12-22 014

I warmed up as the air got colder. I rode some tough trails that made me a bit frustrated. I then hit the snow packed super firm roads and did my workout, some mellow-ish intervals. Leaving what I imagine to be interestingly funny tracks going back and forth, back and forth. evening fat ride 1-26-14 063

By now my toes are starting to tingle with cold. I layer up and make my way back towards the truck, not really wanting to stop. I hit my new favorite trail, V Drop. I clean it, my heart pounds with joy, adrenaline, satisfaction. I ride a few more trails. A shooting star streaks above the giant granite boulders surrounding me. The stars are in charge of the night, glimmering bright in the dark sky.evening fat ride 1-26-14 056

The bike simply feels amazing. The thin packed out line of the trail flows like magic. I am this very moment, in love with this very moment and tonight, that is all I can ask for.evening fat ride 1-26-14 059Thank You Universe, Thank You


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