Sometimes Hard Work Pays Off

There is no secret to the fact that I am training. In fact it has more or less taken over my life. I share my frustration, my fear, my pain as I know so many others struggle, like I do almost everyday, to stay focused on their goals. It is often so hard to see the reason why we are suffering today when the reason, for me at least, may be many months away.

Luckily I got to race bikes today. A sweet little snow bike race in Crested Butte, Co. Haven’t raced since the Vapor Trail 125 in September. Too long, way too long. I just love racing. Does not matter if I do good or blow up, I almost always end up smiling. Makes me happy to have tried, to have worked myself hard and spent some time with my racing friends. 

Today’s race was a blast. Great course, thanks to CB Nordic!!! Nice weather, some great fun loving folks. It was a great chance to test my fitness, but really to have fun and participate in this fledgling format of bike racing. I rode hard, it was awesome. I managed to cross the finish line first. Oh yeah that feels good, so good, so damn good. Glad all the hard work, all the aches and pains, all the early morning trainer rides, the bleak, cold, after sunset rides are for something after all and perhaps that something is working.

Keep trying, reaching and loving what you are doing…I know I am! 

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