Ahhh Rest…

Yesterday I got up late, again, proceeded to drag ass all morning. No core work out, no spin ups, just walk the dogs, drink coffee and go to work. Think the coffee was all that got me through the morning. E-mailed my coach, Andy, we agreed that I should just chill out. Throughout the day I would fluctuate between feeling just fine and feeling like my head was stuffed full of lead. Walking the dogs after work I was feeling good and therefor guilty for not following my schedule.

In a way I was stoked to feel this need to get after it. A shift in my behavior, my habits. I wanted to train, to sweat, to grow, to get little stronger each and everyday. Accepting my excuses for not doing my deeds for the day was hard to do, even if I did feel a touch crapped out. Instead of loathing, fretting the work, the pain, my desires and actions were coming together on the same plane. So instead of drinking a beer on my Friday night I drank some tea, ate dinner and went to bed nice and early.

Sleeping in again this morning. Take the dogs out for a good little hike, straight up the hillside. Oh my head aches, fudge I want this crap gone! The morning is beautiful, clear, calm. The dogs and I have this corner of the sage and rock crags to ourselves. A sweet start to the day. Get home drink some coffee, have a quick snack and go straight into my upper body workout for the day. Feels so good, go on to stretch while nice and warmed up, ahhh feels even better! Do some errands, clean the house and hop on the trainer for some intervals, the first real full on intervals I have done in like 6 months. I grit my teeth, I drench myself in sweat. Oh it is wonderful, so freaking wonderful and the best part is I am excited for more. Love this feeling, just love it, hard to do when you are on a roll, but I have to remember to rest, ahhh yes rest…..

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