Just Another Day…

Last night I went to bed early, just wasn’t feeling too spunky. Today I wanted to get after it, had an upper body workout and some hill sprints on the schedule, also I wanted to do some easy stretching. Something I have been neglecting lately and I am turning into a stiff, inflexible block of wood. Instead of getting up and facing the day, I turned off the alarm and went right back to sleep. Only for a half an hour, at which time guilt entered my thoughts and kept me wondering what do I want? To be well rested or get up and get it done, to squander this chance, perhaps set a precedent and fall off the training wagon, or make the most of my day and attempt to build my tower towards the sky?

After too much time tossing and turning, not really getting any extra rest or anything done, I get up and walk the dogs in the frigid morning air. Perhaps a bike ride wouldn’t be such a great idea anyhow? It is quite freaking cold out. Back home I make coffee, and start the first set of my morning workout. I get breakfast cooking after the first set, feed the dogs before the third and last set. I sit down, check my Facebook and wolf down my food. Just can’t help but feel like I have screwed up by not getting out there, cold or not and crushed some hills. By the time I will get off work it will be dark, so it’s a night ride or the trainer in my future….

Still it is so dark out at 6:PM when I leave work that my motivation seems to slip away in the star lit night. Hate to say it but I am not feeling a 100%, my head is heavy and I just feel a bit funny. Damn Me! I am loosing faith in myself. Not even a week into my new program and I am turning into a wimp! Hungry, always hungry, I eat some cereal and then go walk the dogs. The slim sliver of the waxing moon is just starting to show itself in the sky with Venus keeping fairly close company. It is clear, the air not too cool…”come on go for a night ride”….I just want to go to bed. Instead I get on my shorts and shoes, find some music and ride the trainer, the road to nowhere. It takes Steady Diet of Nothing and In Rainbows to get me a whole hour and a half of spinning with some easy 2-3 minute intervals. Sure haven’t missed riding the road to nowhere and there is so much more of this in my future, ahh fudge! It took me till 9:30 at night, but I got it done. Just another day indeed….

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