I am not good at managing my time. I often stay in bed too long even when I am not sleeping. I spend too much time on Facebook, yes there I admitted it! I have two crazy, intense high energy dogs that constantly seek my attention and time. Always needing more walking, running, camping, more thrown balls, sticks, frisbees…..endless really. I work, sometimes two jobs, I really do work! Plus I like to ride bikes, ok I really really like to ride bikes. I even race them sometimes…sometimes I race them a lot. It takes training, stretching, eating right, plus lots of bike love even after days of working on other bikes, to make this happen. There is reading books, playing the guitar, hanging out with friends that also claims my attention.

Then there is this here blog. Yeah I know I started it. Why? Cause I want to inspire others to get out and do some fun stuff. It took a big leap of confidence for me to make that happen. Most days I am not the sort of person to think I am anything inspirational. Yet I get to do things that are pretty awesome, yep I said it (they are simple things but I am so grateful). I know this because they make my frown turn upside down, I am not always a positive, happy person, I get down, I feel depressed, I forget what is important. For me biking, racing, pushing my limits, camping, hiking, doing trail work, hanging with my great friends, makes it all worth while, makes the struggles, lighten up. 

Plus I like to write. Another reason for this thing we call a blog. I want to do it more often, I want to make myself sit down and write, just write, good or bad. Maybe “publish it”, maybe hide it from the world, either way, write it, think it, do it. Everything gets better with practice and who knows maybe something I randomly mutter in cyberspace makes someone’s day, makes them get out the door and do something fun, good, amazing. Yet this takes time, time I am not good at finding, utilizing. Plus my lap top is old, my internet connection is weak, my experience with WordPress, not that great. I have lost a few posts, gone, poof, hours of work has disappeared. That makes me mad, sad and reluctant to use my allotments of time to take the chance that it goes no where, no where at all. Then again I am not one to give up easy, so we shall see. Until next time….  

4 thoughts on “Time

    • Thanks Tyson!
      Appreciate you reading and responding…most of us have a lot going on and it is hard to stay focused when there are dozens of things vying for our time and attention. I really want to put out more work here, but after losing a late night post I got frustrated…I’ll keep on keeping on! Thanks again,

    • Jarrod, Thanks so much for reading and letting me know that you like it. Can’t tell you how stoked I am to have people reading my cyber scribbles, super excited to have folks all the way from Australia tuning in! I’ll do my best to keep it coming….

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