Get Back On the Damn Horse

The past month or so I have been slacking off. Races are done and the season is gone leaving me tired both physically and mentally. It is off season, ahh yeah. That means drinking beer, eating too much, trying to sleep in. It feels good after being so focused and revved up to the red line for months at time to chill out and not think about racing, suffering. Not forcing myself to get up early to ride, stretch, work out before going off to make a living. Yet in many ways the hectic level of doing stuff on a schedule is key to me keeping my life in order, keeping me focused and level headed. But it also wears you down, burns you out, takes the fun out of it. All about balance, but so hard to find it.

Recently I was inspired to make an effort to get to Banff, Alberta on June 13th. After years convincing myself I was done with it, trying to ignore the pull, the burning desire to ride the spine from Canada to Mexico. It seeped in through my eyes, ears, skin, sinking deep into my heart. The desire is there now, its hooks embedded deeply. I know I must try, I need to give it my all, I am again obsessed with Le Tour Divide.

As of Sunday, October 13th, I have 8 months till the start of this quest. I have so much to do. From bikes, gear, body, mind and soul, so much preparation, planning, meditation, spending, thinkering. There is the dogs, the rent, the job(s). There is the things that went right last time, and the things that went wrong, how to capitalize, how to rise above. Such a long time to stay focused, such a short time to get it all in together. Bottom line is off season is over, time to get back on the damn horse and hold on tight. Cause here we go.




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