Be Good!

What a simple bike ride can do. It does things for my brain that nothing else does, (except maybe skiing, but that’s another story) It keeps me in shape and wanting to be in better shape. It makes me smile, makes me want to try, makes me want to share this experience with everyone. For how much better would things be if everyone could be made to feel small, in love with the world, happy, healthy all at the same time and in such an simple and easy way. No drugs, not chemicals, no gasoline, just a bike, some trails, sprinkle in a few friends, a huge storm looming to keep that perspective of being just a speck in this universe. Makes all the BS I get stuck on, obsess over fall to the side, slip off my back.   

I have been tired lately. Perhaps a bit too much bike racing, with the constant of working, dealing with my wild n’ crazy dogs, trying to write a bit. Not enough time or energy to ride outside of racing. Not much drive left over from a summer of pushing myself pretty hard. I let thoughts linger too long, not doing anything about them, just repeating the thoughts in circles. Slowly making myself crazy. I get too caught up and forget that I just need to go for a ride, get up even though I want to sleep all day and go for a ride, roll over some rocks, carve a few turns. Go straight home from work, Do Not Drink Beer, get on the bike and spin those pedals, see some open sky, breath some fresh air, soak up the change of seasons that is happening around me.

I forget about this release, even after years and years of riding. Sometimes I just can’t seem to get on my shorts, shoes and helmet and get out the door before I get distracted, realize how tired I am, lose focus, drop my initiative and start thinking. I tend to over complicate things instead of just doing them. Why, because I am human after all. Not too happy about it most days, but I am what I am. The thing I (and all of us) need to remember is to have faith and just throw a leg over that top tube and go. Your front tire will find the way, your legs will fall into that familiar place and get you there, anywhere. Don’t know exactly why but it works, riding bikes is good for you. GO now and be Good!Image

2 thoughts on “Be Good!

    • Thanks Alex!
      I forget myself sometimes how much it can change my day, make me happy, make the crappy stuff seem tolerable. Had a great and tough summer, Sometimes forget to drop the seriousness of racing, training and just GO ride!
      Thanks so much for reading!

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