XX1 part 2

Second ride, still just as good. Do think I would like to try the 30 tooth, but I also don’t seem to have a lot of power in the legs yet. Maybe I won’t need the 30 once I get into decent shape. But it shifts like butter, it does, in fact being that I am not so used to twist shifting I have shifted unintentionally a couple times pulling up hard on the bars to get over a rock or something. Plus I have the shifter on the left and sometimes forget which way to twist, but today it only happened a couple times. This is pure operator error. I do think that some folks may not feel the range is not quite enough, especially coming off a full 3×9 system. But for most trail riders it would be plenty. I was able to fly back to town on pavement today, with a mellow downhill start and not feel under geared at all, and was up into the second and third cogs after it flattened out. Excited to keep testing this and seeing where it stands with some use, have to say not having to shift and shift is great bonus. I mean I use all the cogs, but obviously there is no overlap, not that having two shifters is that much to do, it is just sweet to only shift one. Oh yeah it is still nice and quiet, smooth, did I mention buttery?XX1 yeah

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