Hartman’s Bliss

we do need the moistureTop of Ridgelinerain or snow?

Happily snuck in quick ride at Hartmans. The wind is raging, the sky dark with clouds dragging heavy curtains of precipitation across the sage covered hills. Despite the threat of a spring storm the riding is awesome. Ten minutes from my door I am riding singletrack, then more singletrack. Trail after trail and only bits of dirt road between them. The sky never fully opens up, yet grapple snaps off my windbreaker, bits of rain race the wind and disappear into the sage. I ride a bit more tempting the clouds, but the sun is getting low so I curl back towards the base area. Then the classic succession of Rocky Ridge, Becks, Jacks and Collarbone. The bike feels light, snappy railing those perfect carvy turns, my smile widens. By the time my wheels hit pavement I am positively giddy. Wondering out loud why more folks don’t mountain bike. I feel so lucky to live in Gunny, to have a place like Hartmans and to be a mountain biker. Thank you universe, thank you.

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