Loopy, Life, and All the Rest

That Loopy Loop! Yep, just two weekends ago?!?! I have to say it was amazing. Maybe that proves I’m crazy and love suffering…or the Biggie Loop was as close to exactly what I wanted to create, that it felt like magic to be out there. The first day and a half I was stoked beyond words and totally focused on being efficient, smart and relatively fast. I stayed stoked, but it spread into my thoughts as I thought more and more about life and all that has come to be, all the changes, the amazing life that is now mine! Its a powerful to feel love of the life you are living.


I got so stoked on my life. I thought so much about Rachel and Lillian and how lucky I am, that I got super homesick around the end of day two. Nothing like pushing your mind and body almost to the limit, all the while the brain churns and chews, digests, regurgitates. All strung out from pushing 110 miles a day, dehydrated, sunburnt, depleted, it leaves your heart and mind open to stimulus, thought and it all comes back to those girls. I think about the adventure I am on, possible races and adventures to come, work, the future, the world, etc…and everything comes back to those girls. I crave being out there, I love pushing my brain and body to go and go, it feels amazing to be outside for almost 3 days, yet I motivate to keep moving, so I can get home to my loves.


No here I am back to reality. Back to work, although I am retiring from Rock N Roll at the end of September. Its a big change, but I’ve needed to take a break from being that involved in someone else’s business. I stepped back big time this summer, and now I’m almost done. Its a relief and a a bit of a let down. Still, between two jobs I’m working 6 days a week thru the end of September, its not always easy to motivate for that many alarms, but its worth it. My life is worth it. Its a whole lot of new and takes it lots of deep breaths, its draining to the marrow sometimes, and yet, its amazing.



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