Loopy Loop

While I am not doing much racing, I’m still dreaming…and scheming. My brain just simply does better with crazy things to think about. I sort of hatched the Gunny Loopy Loop a few weeks before last Labor Day. I didn’t get organized enough for anyone else to join me, but I rode a good bit of it and decided to give this year a go.


I’ve been fine tuning the route, working on little bits. Thing I keep realizing is how hard it is going to be. There is a reason I ended up being the crazed cycling masochist I am, I cut my teeth, here in the Gunnison Valley. So many trails, so much climbing, endless route possibilities. I’ve hiked, biked, and skied much of this wonderful ass whooping country, it has changed me, made me stronger, tougher. Now want to share some of that.


So Welcome, welcome to the Loopy Loop. Actually, Two Loops! I’ve got the Shorty Loop just about set. I rode it this past weekend. I have now written the cues and I should have a GPX in a few days. It is hard, kinda heart breaking hard in spots, lots of hike a bike, endless climbing. Gorgeous, oh it is beyond words, so many mountains, creeks, flowers, green grass, rivers, rocks, bears, elk, hawks, and porcupines. A rough and rowdy world just a bit farther out there, ready to reduce one to humility and reward you with peace!


The Biggie Loop is set in my head, but sill needs to be ridden. I hope to get to ride it entirely the end of July, and then have cues, GPX and final warnings. The Biggie is gonna crush each and everyone of us that attempts it. I’m not being macho, I’m just being honest. I chose some of the hardest riding around and linked it together with some easy and some questionable bits. The sum is going to be easily as hard mile for mile as the CTR and AZT.


So which Loop? Having just done the Shorty, I can say it can be done in under 24 hours if someone raced it, perhaps much faster? It could also be done over 2 or 3 nights by someone strong and in for good long days.  The Biggie could take 2-3 days at full race pace, perhaps 5+ days if someone isn’t pedaling much into the night. So bite off only what you can chew! Read the Shorty Cues, in a few days look at the GPX track. Do some research on some of the known riding thats on course. Both Rides will Start; Saturday September 1rst, 2018 at 4:AM. Gathering at Rock N Roll Sports at 608 West Tomich, in Gunnison, Colorado. (Both rides, upon completion, will bring you back to Gunny.) Neutral Roll Out To Hartman’s Base Area, then Game On! DIY style rules, meaning Do It Yourself. Commercial Services/Available to Everyone Only! Stay on Course, If you mess up, fess up! Trackleaders and Spots should be available. If you aren’t sure, ask me?!  I’ll keep rolling out more and more info as I get it finalized. Enjoy!!!


3 thoughts on “Loopy Loop

  1. Hey Jefe! I haven’t checked out your blog in quite some time, so you can imagine my surprise when the most recent few posts have been about your Gunnison bikepacking loop! Dude, that is so so awesome. Way to go for putting in the effort to create a route like this. I just found it today and I’m already daydreaming about biking it. It’s really cool thinking of the future enjoyment that folks will have undertaking your loop. Pulls at my bikepacking heartstrings.

    I also read some more personal posts further down. Just want to say that you’re a respectable and honest person for sharing exactly where you are at in life and not trying to sugarcoat it. Life is hard. It’s also incredible too. And through reading your blog, it seems like you are a guy who understands that better than most. Keep on keepin’ on man! I know I’ve never met you, but this blog has inspired me to do a lot of fantastic stuff: from bikepacking the CT in 2015 (touring speed), to getting my lazy butt out on chilly evening rides when I know I’ll be smiling about it when I return home later that night.

    I hope to be tackling the Loopy Loop in 2019 with a great buddy of mine! We are both stoked.

    ~ Jake

    • Thanks Jake!
      That made my day, thanks for reading and receiving the stoke!!!
      Hope to see you on the trail, or if nothing else the 2019 Loopy Loop!!!
      Take care, keep on

      • Hey there again Jefe. Me and my buddy are trying to plan out our 2019 bikepacking trips and we were looking for the Biggy Loopy GPX file. Does that exist yet? I can find the Shorty Loopy GPX file but not the longer route.

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