Sunshine filled donut

There is a little miracle that happens quite often in our little backyard. The Gunny donut. A ring of dark menacing clouds often seem to hover just out of range as the glow of warm sunshine fills the air with warmth and light.


Today was one lucky donut kinda day. We got out for a hike with the puppies along the beach that was buffeted with wind, but otherwise dry. Driving back to town the roads were soaking wet, big puddles lingered everywhere. Totally missed that snow squall.



Regardless of the not so motivating conditions and dark grey sky, I got the bike shoes on, a sandwich made and Rachel and I were out the door for a mountain bike ride. Today, the donut was not only lucky, it was also strong. Hartman’s glowed golden in the magical sunlight. The dirt was firm and grippy, the rocks freshly washed off, the traction was amazing.




After weeks of tiny teasing bits of sun and missed opportunities to ride. It feels so damn good to simply ride in the sunshine. Even better when Hartman’s is your backyard and you’re riding with your bestie.


Bottom line is, gORide, it is always worth it.

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