“Loves Ride”

Spring has been warming and melting things up here in the mountains. The warm temps have found me out spinning on the road getting in some miles. With the day off I decided to get out for a longer ride and make it a practice in self supported style riding. I started off the ride with no food from home, everything I wanted to eat needed to come from our closest convenience store, thus a “Loves Ride”.

First bought some classics, sure these are familiar to many. Then I packed em all up in my frame bag and top tube bag.


Batteries are charged, tires are good, chain is lubed, time to gORide!


Up and over the top of 9 Mile. Was gorgeous looking south at the La Garitas.


Good dry dirt was out there and felt so good to roll along on. Cows, crows and heelers were amuck in the thawing fields.


My legs felt good, the bike felt right, the time outside was so wonderfully amazing.


Here is a herd of elk near the top of 9 Mile, I also so countless deer, a blue bird and flocks of Sand Hill Cranes. The world felt alive and reborn.


So many mountains. Love this world.


Clocked 66 miles and hit 46.5MPH.


More importantly it was simply fantastic to spend so much of the day riding my bike. There is nothing in the world that can make me feel like this, other than just being out there in the world, moving forward, feeling the air, riding my bike.

So damn good.


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