There are many things coming to mind for me right now.

One thing is that I am so unbelievably thankful. I am so very grateful that I find myself living in the mountains, there is something wonderful and powerful about being here surrounded by such amazing beauty and the raw energy that comes out of these special places. I am so thankful that I discovered hiking, biking and camping and the wealth of experiences that have come out of this. I am grateful for having found a special person that I want to share these places, these experiences with. I am profoundly thankful for a relative sense of health and tenacity that has guided me and helped me carve out a reality for myself that is beyond some of my wildest dreams. All of this did not happen so much as it grew out of many choices, forks in the roads that lead me to here, so happy to be Here!


I am amazed at the breadth and depth of my own thoughts, feelings and ramblings. I have been in such a deep and twisted funk for way too long. All because of a singlemindedness that clouded over my normal vision. I wanted something that was not gonna happen and instead of stepping back to see the options that did exist, I pondered and clung to the dead end and made myself quite miserable in the process. Then with a puff of smoke and some action, this is replaced with a new love of life and a realization that there are many twists, turns and speed bumps and That Really Is Part of the Ride!!!


I love mountain bikes! I really truly love all that gets you out there, makes the blood pump and silences the noise. Yet there is something about riding bikes way on up and out there. Something about quiet, self powered motion that delivers you way up atop of mountains, with skinny ribbons of trail to pedal, pump and giggle back down. Such a simple joy that infuses every cell and makes me fall in love with the world all over again, and that is a powerful thing.


That nothing is perfect. Perfection is a destination never arrived upon, it truly is the journey, the mishaps, the unexpected that are real and important. Soak in them, feel them between your toes, live and love that feeling of chaos, of being not in control. All else is an illusion of self importance.


Moral of my ramblings; Live, Love and Forgive.

Don’t cling too tight, life is big, gO live it with all your heart.


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