sunsets help everything make sense

sunsets help everything make sense

There are some that don’t believe in luck. That what happens to us, good or bad, is a result of our actions and behavior “not apparently brought on by chance”. Perhaps that is true, it is simply our attitude and way of life that sheds light on either the sunshine or the rain.

I can buy into that to some degree, yet it still seems like some folks are just plain lucky. They don’t work as much, they go on fantastic vacations, or maybe they get to travel around and race bikes as much as they want. Have to admit that I sometimes wish I was as “Lucky”. Then again maybe I’m simply ignorant of the choices they have made that makes it all possible.



I’m not a perfect person. I get grumpy with envy. I want more than I have. I am sometimes very impatient. I want to race and race and race my bike. Sometimes I feel really unlucky as I can not pull it all off. I have no money, not enough time and my body does break down.


the distant and mighty San Juans

Then sometimes things come back into perspective and it all that negative energy seems so silly. Call it Luck, or being Blessed or just plain Happy. Life is good, there is much work to do, more focusing to accomplish, but I am feeling it, whether it is luck or not, I am grateful.


Thank You, Universe, Thank You!

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