Follow Through

"all boys dream, few men live"

“all boys dream, few men live”

Excitement can overwhelm and often displace good judgement. It is so easy to become intoxicated by the idea of something, the romantic visions of peacefully cruising through the landscape. Sunshine and rainbows around each corner, the glory of miles and miles behind you.

Then comes the reality check. The hours and hours of hard work, getting up out of a warm soft bed to ride the trainer. Doing intervals that make your guts turn inside out. Riding long long days in the rain and snow. Doing your homework is never that romantic, instead it is a quiet purposeful daily grind that can sometimes suck.

trainer time....

trainer time….

Big dreams do not arrive on your door step wrapped up in a pretty package. It is easy to forget. I get so wrapped up in the adventure and the vision of fresh clean air, the details of getting there slip into the fog. That is the challenge, not the easy wanting, but the everyday work for the next few months.

Keep your head down. Work hard. Suck it up. It will all pay off in June!

3 thoughts on “Follow Through

  1. I am actively following your blog and appreciate all the excellent thoughts you share. It’s inspiring, helpful “reality checks”, and humbling, all at the same time. In a world where so many people only want to claim their “fame”, your quiet, self-effacing style is remarkable, given your very real fame, your hard earned accomplishments!

    Thanks for sharing, and thank you for providing words of wisdom that will (hopefully) help me with my own tour divide attempt.

    • Happy to share and super stoked that folks get what I mumble on about!
      Keep getting out there and getting after it.
      Thanks so much for reading, let me know if you have TD queries.

  2. Once again you hit it on the head! I was, just this afternoon talking with a close friend who is a pro SUP racer, holds a 24hr distance record and has pioneered ultra-distance SUP, about this exact topic.
    We have both trained up for ultra-distance, multi-day events in the past and are currently doing so. It is the daily grind that becomes difficult.
    Shane said this morning: “Every morning I’m tired and sore when I wake up(He’s also a logger during the day, on top of training). I mentally gear myself for the day for the first 10min, get on the foam roller and mentally prepare for the days grind knowing the daily fuel fills the passion tank.”
    I think it does help to have routine. That bit of morning spiritual time to assist in becoming centered for the grind ahead.

    Thank you again Jefe for your writings. It is truly an inspiration and really helps to know that others are grinding it out too… keep on keep’n on!

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