Life is full of twists, turns and surprises. I get pretty micro focused sometimes on my tiny little world of bikes, bike racing, dogs and being outside, that things blind side me.


Last winter I was in “train” mode. I woke up thinking about my work outs, when I could squeeze them in, how my body felt, what was my waking heart rate and am I really getting any stronger? When I wasn’t working out, stretching or working, I was sewing, planning, studying maps and wrenching on my bike. Pretty close to total immersion.

Although it was what I wanted, I didn’t always like it. I craved hanging out with folks who didn’t talk about intervals and bike racing. I wanted to sleep in, go to bed early, drink more beer and not ride the damn trainer again! Still I was pretty good boy and did my job.


This fall and winter have been a different beast altogether. I’m not as razor focused on what my life is going to entail. Seems things have changed. Life has gone and surprised me. In many ways it is a dream come true, yet change is difficult, turbulent, frustrating.


There are times, when I’m sleeping in, staying up late, drinking too much beer, that I feel like a such a slacker and I wonder if I am truly blowing it by not slaving away as much as I once did in search of fitness?


Thing is, life is good. While out riding some snow packed urban singletrack this morning, carving tight turns, the snow crunching under my tires, there can be no other sensation than joy. I am still dreaming. I am still seeking adventure. Maybe I just might learn to relax, stop worrying and enjoy it all. I sure hope so.DSCF2917


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