One Trick Pony

Lately I have been feeling like a one trick pony. I ride and ride and train my body to ride even more. I love riding, and honestly I love seeing myself becoming more dedicated and disciplined. Thing is I am doing it for a reason, one big reason. No matter what, I would be training hard, looking forward to the races, working towards my goals, reaching higher to hit my limit. There is something else though that pushes me harder, makes me get out of bed early or gets me out the door, when it is dark, cold and snowing. The Damn Tour Divide.

Back in December when the Tour Divide bug bit deep, I knew as I took a step forward into accepting this obsession that the TD would somewhat take over my life. It has. Training, planning, scheming, sewing, trying to save money. I have little time and money to do other races, to leave town to go to the desert, really to do anything other than work towards this one singular goal. I am not complaining, I knew it would go down this road the second I said yes.

I have to admit I envy those out skiing big mountains, racing the Grand Traverse, the AZT, the Growler. I want to go to the desert to ride, camp, thaw out, like so many of my friends are doing. I take much inspiration from these folks that are out there chasing their own dreams.

It all leads to much reflection on my decision to race down the spine of North America. It isn’t that I don’t want to chase this dream, I do, it still haunts my every moment. I can hardly wait to line up in Banff and ride my heart out. Still it is not a simple event, this TD. The weather can make or break the whole single minded pursuit. I knew back in December that I wanted to ride the whole course, I missed much in 2011 due to snow, lots of snow. This winter hadn’t even begun, would it snow or be dry, I only knew that the Divide was calling me and one needs as much time as possible to be prepared for something like the TD.

Now with less than 3 months to the Grand Depart in Banff I am wondering what will become of my dream. In Colorado, Wyoming,  Montana and Canada once again there is so much snow, and it keeps on coming down. Sure it could melt, or keep piling up. The cards are not all out on the table, not yet.

This ride big deal for me. The planning, taking a month off from my life, spending a large chunk of my income, it is huge and I can’t take it lightly. It requires so much energy. There is the thought of going northbound to give the snow a chance to melt. There is the thought of doing an Individual Time Trial, options yes, but I want to race. Line up with everyone else and get after it.  

Here I am, the one trick pony with all my eggs are in one basket. Wondering if it is time to be smart and start spreading them around. 


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