“Always better to regret something you have done, than something you haven’t done”

Well it isn’t always true, often it is.

Tonight after work, eating, walking the dogs, I started to load up the ole Woodrup for an evening ride. The coolness lingering in the shadows made me hesitate, second guess myself. Cursing my reality of living in Gunny, of taking too much time after work to get ready as the sun sank into the west. Quite honestly I am tired of stretching booties over my shoes, of bringing three pairs of gloves, extra hats, a puffy vest. I just want to go for a ride!

I got so far as to bring the bike back inside, change into shorts and set up the laptop in front of the trainer. One look at that road to nowhere and the cursing began again.

“No, No Damn It, I’m not riding that thing for 2 and a half hours…Go Ride!” I abashed myself for my cowardly impulse, reversing the process, getting layered and onto the bike.

The evening cooled along with the setting sun. I had to swap to my lobster mitts to keep my hands warm and wiggle my toes to keep them from tingling. Yet the evening was lovely.The river canyon did not roar with it’s normal headwind, instead the subtle flap of wings and the flow of free water. Traffic was mellow. The light over Blue Mesa was gorgeous, a rim of peach along the snow covered ridges reflected in the open river.

every sunset, every bike ride is special...

every sunset, every bike ride is special…

A lesson I seem to find hard to take to heart. Just GO, you can always turn and come home. It is always worth it, my spirit is always enlightened and lifted. I never regret going for a bike ride, that much is true, never….

lights, camera, action!

lights, camera, action!

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