Day Off

It started November 1st. A schedule, a regiment, everyday there was something I was supposed to do. Although it hurt, left me sore, super tired and even grumpy, I did my best to comply. After all I am doing this for me, to assist me in attaining my goals, chasing my dreams.

riding my bike just  feels right

riding my bike just feels right

Today is my first scheduled day off from training. I also have the day off of work. Just allowed to do an easy walk with the dogs, some mellow stretching, staying off my feet, maybe take a nap, work on getting my fat bike rolling. Have to admit it feels weird. After two plus weeks of cramming in so much riding, rushing to do ab and legs workouts in between working, playing with my dogs, having a social life, oh wait I don’t have a social life! It feels down right strange to not ride my bike today, really feels like something is missing.

but we want to go ride!

but we want to go ride!

My bikes are looking a little sad over there. “What? We have to stay inside today? All Day?” After my ride yesterday I know I could use the time off, my legs screamed with pain every time I stood up and put power to the pedals. Have to say I am pretty excited about what this structure is doing for me, I can feel my body getting stronger and my mind hungry for more. Surprises me how much I want more…gonna be a fun, hard winter.


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