…Note to Self

So it is kind of amazing how much of my attitude depends on my attitude. Think sad thoughts, feel sad. Think about heart ache, my heart aches. Think about good things, feel good, do good things, feel better. It seems overly simple, I almost can’t believe I can say it with a straight face.(Yes my face is very straight!) Or maybe it really is that simple. So why not try it, right? Instead of feeling down about things I am looking forward to doing, trying, seeking something that brings more to the table. Instead of drinking too many beers I am reading and writing more. Stretching, breathing, envisioning possibilities not obstacles. It makes a difference, it does.

For me the key is keeping it up, not giving in to the darkness that is out there waiting for us all to slip up and let it creep in. Look to the light, embrace what is good appreciate what is good, focus on that. Why does it seem so basic and easy to do from the perspective of feeling good and so impossible when I hate the world? Makes me want to make big bright posters for all my walls that remind me of all these things when I no longer can feel them in my heart. I bet I would just scoff at them and maybe tear them down. Right now it is what I want to do, bank some of this optimism, store some of this brightness away for when I can not connect to it.

Sad happens and it isn’t evil. So long as you bounce back without letting it beat you down, without convincing you to lash out at someone else. I tend to fight sadness with depression, it is pretty ugly I tell you. Instead I should feel it, acknowledge it, find the source, correct if possible and move on. Move on, so hard to do. No matter how grumpy I might be, there is no doubt that focusing on being miserable will only keep me feeling miserable. Maybe it really is that simple. Note to Self, Be Good!

"never quit the day you want to, stop eat, take a break, sleep on it"

“Never quit in the night. Stop eat rest wait for the sunrise”

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