Good Days

Good Days. Sometimes you just don’t know, just don’t know why it is worth it, why you bother, whether it will be a good day or not so good, why you got out of bed at all. Sometimes. Then sometimes you have those days where the world shines like polished chrome and the flowers seem to sing a song as you pass by.

Today was a good day, it was a bit of a rough start, couldn’t get out of bed, almost missed an amazing sunrise, the dogs were wild and unruly, wasn’t sure what I was going to do, what I should do…. But then I got on my bike and ahh. Now don’t get me wrong the world doesn’t always turn from black to rose when I hop a leg over my bike. But it sometimes does.

I rode up to Crested Butte, taking pavement, dirt road and a bit of trail. The flowers are still booming despite the lack of rain. I felt good pushing myself to get on up that pass, feeling the sweat and the blood pumping. Got up to CB and watched the 4th of July parade for a bit, the throngs of people milling about, felt the hot sun begin to melt me down. Then met up with one of my favorite bike riders and went for a good ride. Leaving from town up the Slate D’Heuz, over to the amazing and well named Paradise Divide and then up and down the famous 401 and back to CB. It was dry and dusty, cars kicked up dust so fine it blocked the view and clogged the nose. Going up the Slate switchbacks I felt horrible, weak, tired and had to eat something to get it done, while my riding partner dropped me like yesterday’s tired cold soggy pizza. Yet climbing out on Gothic Road I couldn’t stop smiling, because I just love riding my bike, after all the miles it still feels so good. Being with a great person, pedaling along through an amazing countryside, feeling the ache and effort to make it happen. There is so little that compares to this feeling of traveling under your own power, town to town, trail to trail with so much beauty in all directions. Great way to spend Independence Day!

After a snack break in CB I head on home. I start the climb up Kebler finding a discarded Stars and Stripes laying in the road. I pick it up and stick it into my seatbag, “Happy Fourth of July!” I proclaim to myself. I get back on the bike and start climbing back up and over Kebler to Ohio Pass the same way I came into CB this morning. My legs are a bit empty, my bike is a dusty creaky mess, my bottom is sore, but the riding is still pleasant and the traffic is mellow. Cresting the top of Ohio Pass I am again blown away at how amazing the view is, the rows and rows of aspens below rolling up towards the delicate Castles of Mill Creek and the seemingly far away silhouette of mighty Sawtooth Mountain to the south. All have attached memories, adventures, experiences, all pull me to come back for more. From here, in this moment it is hard to see the frustration that ruled me just days before, blinded me to the possibility of this day, the chance for this perspective.

I try and remind myself that life ain’t easy and that an easy life would be dull, boring and so not me. But I get frustrated, sad, bummed out with the crap that comes with everyday, in the moment it seems daunting, overwhelming, like total shit. It just ain’t easy. But then the days like today make it seem like maybe there is a balance somewhere, the key is to not lose heart and keep taking the chance to see the good days. To not numb yourself to the point where the good and bad all become shades of gray. See the colors, revel in them, also accept the fact that there will always be the dark and gloomy, but that will only make the positive that much brighter. Have faith, be strong, keep looking to the light!Image

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