Why Share?

So there are some out there who might think that the world really is about to end, nothing to do with Mayans, nuclear war, or even social deprivation. The only clue being that I have become a Facebook-er. I can’t say the world isn’t about to pop, but have no fear I am simply following up on a thought I have had floating around in my head for a while. Sharing.

Sometimes those of us living in the mountains forget that our lives are not so ordinary, sure we  don’t always have fun in the sun, we have to deal with working, making ends meet, families, dogs and all that stresses us modern humans out. But what we do the rest of the time is pretty interesting stuff. I get so much inspiration from my fellow Gunnison Valley residents, the adventures, the races, the tenacity to face challenges and overcome them. It makes me get up and get out the door, to seek out my own vision of adventure and to challenge myself without excuses, without regrets, knowing damn well that we are all capable of more incredible things than we let ourselves believe. 

So that is the basis for this, a format to express the irreplaceable feeling I get doing the things I do. I don’t always feel great, don’t always pull off what I want or envision myself doing, I haven’t always been able to shrug off discomfort or the mental blunderings of “what am I doing with my life.” But the fact of the matter is getting outside and experiencing the world makes living so worth while, dwelling on reasons not to is a dead end. I know, I have sat staring at the walls wondering why this, why that, why me, far more than is healthy. We all need time for some sort of introspection, but don’t get stuck, get out. It doesn’t need to be much, break the rut, go out and have what we call a ‘Day Changer’, just enough hard breathing, heart beating, to make all the BS seem small. Life is too short to sit out for long.

So I got a hand me down computer, got it working, just bought another cheap camera and I am gonna try my hardest to get out there, take pictures and replay it here in attempt to share that incredible feeling that comes from having incredible experiences. Hope I can deliver.    

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