Ride With Jefe

I have had this desire to give more back to the world, more specifically the cycling world and my own local community. This idea has been brewing in my head for while now, and I am excited to get it started. I am starting small, but with he hopes of getting a non-profit going in the future. The ultimate goal is to give under funded, under privileged athletes help realizing their dreams, while encouraging them to raise money for non-profits in their own area that make a positive change in the lives of others. For now I will just be using events to raise money and awareness for local non-profits that mean something to me and the community.

I have had my life changed very positively by the pursuit of goals in the outdoors. For me it has mostly revolved around the bicycle, but the many years I spent backpacking helped lay the foundation for the bike racing and Bikepacking that came after. So it isn’t just about the bike. I have also struggled to make it possible, gear, race entries, and time away from work to train or participate, all cost money. While I do not think we should pay for someone else vacation, I do think that a little help can get folks over some of the obstacles and help them find the wonder and peace of success in one self.

I am starting with raising money for local food security while I try and ride as many laps as I can at the Sailida 720, a 12 hour race on my birthday, April 16th. I am asking folks to commit to a dollar amount per lap and I will use that money to provide locally produced food to folks in the Gunnison Valley that could use a little help. I have been hungry a few times in my life and had to chose between paying bills and buying food for myself, it is not a great place to be. I truly believe that everybody deserves to eat good nutritious food, regardless of their position in life, the choices they have made, or who their parents are.

So this is the beginning of Ride With Jefe. Anyone can participate by supporting this first venture. I am aiming to ride about 7 laps at the Salida 720, folks can commit any amount they choose per lap and I will then use 100% of this to buy Back Yard Harvest shares, and possibly CSA’s from Mountain Roots. Folks can of course just donate a flat amount if they wish, but it will be more fun to ride with me and see what we can do together.