CTR Course History and Records


CTR start with Stefan giving his words of wisdom, Eddie Clark Media

CTR Course Record History:
In 2007, the first CTR ran from Denver to Durango. We used the Tarryall Detour, but skipped the Tenmile range (segment 7) and rode Cinnamon Pass instead of Coney Summit (segment 22) and the old Pole Creek trail (segment 23). This same course was used for 2008. Although Owen Murphy rode this route in 4d08h45m, he missed a short 5 mile section, so the course records for this route are:
Male: 5d02h26m – Ethan Passant, 2008
Female: 7d01h46m – Trish Stevenson, 2008
In 2009, the course changed to use the Hwy-285 Detour through Bailey instead of Tarryall, as well as adding the Tenmile Range (segment 7), Coney Summit (segment 22), and the newly constructed, gorgeous Cataract Ridge (segment 23).
Male: 4d03h20m – Owen Murphy, 2009
3d23h38m – Jefe Branham, 2012
Female: 7d13h23m – Cat Morrison, 2009
6d05h30m – Eszter Horanyi, 2010
5d05h27m – Eszter Horanyi, 2011
In 2013, the course changed once again to use the long, mostly-gravel Tarryall Detour instead of US-285. The Tenmile Range and Coney/Cataract Segments were kept making the CTR as true to the actual Colorado Trail as possible for Mountain Bikes. In addition, we started from Durango in 2013. In future years, the start will alternate between Durango and Denver. The course records starting from Durango include the prologue from downtown Durango to the Junction Creek TH.
Male: 4d04h17m – Jefe Branham, 2013, Durango Start
4d09h55m – Neil Beltchenko, 2014, Denver Start
3d20h44m – Jesse Jakomait, 2015, Durango Start
3d19h40m – Neil Beltchenko, 2016, Denver Start
Female: 8d17h50m – Chrissy Nacos, 2013 ITT, Denver Start
5d15h36m – Jeannie Dreyer, 2015, Durango Start
6d14h33m – Ashley Carelock, 2018, Denver Start