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The 2020 CTR Group Start will head out of Waterton Canyon, 6:AM, Sunday July 26th, 2020, all the way to Junction Creek TH for the finish. As of now the course will be unchanged from previous years. The only reason this will change is due to extreme weather, fires, etc and any changes will be relayed closer to the start. Below is the basic route description, the CT Guide book is highly recommended for first timers, or a solid review of what to expect. Navigation is the rider’s responsibility so be prepared, between maps, guidebooks, cues, and GPS, following the well marked trail isn’t too hard, but be prepared for the detours and for being sleep deprived!

Wellington Lake Road to Waterton Canyon – Ride Segments 1, 2, and 3.
Lost Creek Wilderness Detour – From Wellington Lake road, follow the bike detour through Tarryall as described in the official guidebook. Rejoin the Colorado Trail for the last few miles of segment 5. Note: 7th edition and older guidebooks start the detour prior to Wellington Lake Rd., but you will ride an extra 2 miles along the CT to Wellington Lake Road as indicated in the 8th edition guidebook.
Kenosha Pass to Wurtz Ditch Road – Ride Segments 6, 7, and 8. Ride the first part of Segment 9 to Wurtz Ditch Road.
Holy Cross / Mount Massive Wilderness Detour – Left on Wurtz Ditch Road, left on FS-100, right on US-24 to Leadville. South of Leadville, turn right onto Hwy-300, then left onto Halfmoon Creek Road. Regain CT @ Halfmoon Creek TH and start of Segment 11.
Halfmoon Creek to Clear Creek Road – Ride Segment 11. Note: Do not ride the alternate old Hope Pass route.
Collegiate Peaks Wilderness Detour – Left for 3 mi. on Clear Creek Road, right for 5.9 mi. on US-24, left on Rd-371 for 10 mi. on old railroad grade to B.V. Right on Main, across US-24 at light which becomes Rd-306 (Cottonwood Pass Road for 10 mi. to Avalanche TH. This is mile 6.6 of Segment 13.
Avalanche Trailhead to Saguache Park Road – Ride the remainder of Segment 13, then ride Segments 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18. Leave segment 18 at Saguache Park Road to start the La Garita Detour. Note: 7th edition and older guidebooks start the next detour at Cochetopa Pass Rd., but you will ride an extra 6.5 miles along the CT to Saguache Park Road, as indicated in the 8th edition guidebook.
La Garita Wilderness Detour – Go right on Saguache Park Road for 2 miles, left on NN-14 for 5.8 miles, left on KK14 (Los Pinos Pass Rd.) for 24 miles, left at Cebolla Rd intersection for 15 miles to Hwy-149. Left on pavement for 7.6 miles to Spring Creek Pass and start of Segment 22.
Spring Creek Pass to Stony Pass Road. – Ride Segments 22, and rerouted (Cataract Ridge) segment 23. Note: This reroute is included in 7th Edition “Revised” and newer guidebooks, as well as the CT Databook, 4th Edition and newer. Pay close attention to the Trailside Databook at the start of Segment 22!.
Weminuche Wilderness Detour – Go right on Stony Pass Road and descend to Silverton. Climb the pavement up to Molas Pass and the start of Segment 25.
Molas Pass to Junction Creek Trailhead – Ride Segments 25, 26, 27 and 28.

Additional info and GPX files can be found below. Do your research!

Toby’s GPX can be found here

Craig Fowler has some excellent resources here!


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Remember the famous and wise words from Eddy, “There are too many factors you have to take into account that you have no control over…The most important factor you can keep in your own hands is yourself.”  Bottom line is you can’t be too prepared for a monster like the CTR, knowing your gear and the trail can save many a heart ache while out there!


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