2020 CTR Update

Heads Up! This is not the official yes or no announcement, just an FYI. The CTR might still happen, and it might not. Still planning on that announcement the end of May. If you are on the fence, maybe consider waiting a year or two…

>The Colorado Trail Foundation is not running any trail crews or volunteer days until maybe July, possibly not at all. That means no trail work, that means 450-500 down trees might still be on the trail. (Not gonna be a fast year….) Also consider donating to the CTF, they do lots of good for the trail including cutting out those 450-500 trees, every year!

>Waterton Canyon is closed and could remain closed for the season, unknown as of yet. (This could mean no group start)

>Lots of towns and ranger districts have restrictions in place as well as the whole State of Colorado. These are changing/easing everyday, but also could be reversed if outbreaks rise again. (This could make resupply tricky, bathrooms might be closed at trailheads, and towns might want you to wear a mask, hitchhiking and shuttling off course, start finish could be harder, etc)

>Search and Rescue really does not want to come get you. This is always a serious consideration when riding and or racing in the backcountry, but more so now, be super careful and extra self contained out there. Do not bring negative attention to the CTR please!!!

I’m still gathering info and weighing options, but I’m letting you all know what I am thinking and dealing with.

I do not want to be the evil overlord that says NO! you can’t ride the CT. I also do not want the CTR to bring any nasties into these small struggling little mountain towns.

If Waterton is still closed, a group start is going to be very crowded and possibly a very bad idea. There is a good chance this could be the year of ITT’s. Still digging into this and looking for options.

Questions? I got millions and few answers, but feel free to ask. Please don’t get personal or political, I will delete that shit.

Remember it is just a bike race, we are all so privileged to even think of doing it, so don’t make it a big deal if this year doesn’t look like a perfect scenario. Hopefully next year will be a straight forward situation!

Thanks everyone,