2020 CTR Update 5/31/20

 2020 will not see a Colorado Trail Race. While Colorado is opening up, travel restrictions are easing, and we are all ready to get back to something we recognize as normal, the timing isn’t right for any group start or event. ITT’s will be possible so long as “stay-at-home” orders are not reissued. Trackleaders and Spot rentals will be available as well, again, if conditions are reasonable. Group starts of more than 10 are very strongly discouraged. The future of the CT and CTR are paramount in this decision, please respect this.


way too many people for this situation

We all know that events and races are being cancelled all over the country. Many of these events and races fund an organization and/or supply folks with paychecks. For them to cancel is a huge deal; no revenue and the hard work of bringing an event back after hiatus.  To put on an event in the midst of all this would be a huge slap in the face to everyone else and put all eyes on anyone still putting an on an event.

I know that a 2020 CTR has been on many folks’ radars and deep in their minds, perhaps for years. Believe me it is very sad to cancel this year’s race, but you can still get out and ride the CT and even have your time recorded and posted. For this you still need to follow the rules, the route, etc., just like during the race. I will record times tracked by those who follow the rules of the race and post on here, but there will not be a 2020 winner, as there is not a race!

Keep in mind that Waterton Canyon is still closed, rumor is it will open this summer, but plan accordingly. Towns along the route are opening up, some all the way, some with restrictions. Be prepared for limited services, bring a mask, plan on taking extra precautions to keep yourself and those you come into contact with safe, extra hand sanitizer, handiwipes, etc. Trail crews have not been very active if they’ve been on the trail at all, so expect more down trees, possibly more erosion, etc. Some trailheads might be closed, campgrounds, bathrooms, etc. I will try to keep up with these factors and keep posting updates, but if you are serious about an ITT this summer, do some research.

While it is a bummer that the “Race” is cancelled, the CT is still there and the experience of trying to go as fast as possible is still there too. It is not the same without having others there to race, it isn’t the same energy without a doubt. Yet this is also a throw back to how these ultra races started, a course, some basic DIY rules and the drive to get it done as fast as possible. Keep in mind the first CTR in 2007 had only 10 starters.EClark_170724_6826