2020 CT Info/Trackleaders Link

Howdy Everyone!

The days are long, the nights short and the snow is melted from the Colorado Trail, it is ITT time!

Remember no group starts over 10 people, just don’t do it. There is no CTR this year, don’t pretend there is.

Be aware of yourself, of your actions and the possible results. Like every year, leave no trace, be kind to others on the trail and in towns, use good judgement please!

Bring a mask, extra hygiene, hand sanitizer, etc. Act appropriately when in towns, use mask, social distance, don’t linger too long….

Here’s the link to sign up for Trackleaders, not required, but appreciated. Trackleaders Link.

Waterton Canyon is open 7 days a week, but No Overnight Parking!

Any questions, let me know here or on the CTR Facebook page.