2020 Colorado Trail Race Update 4/5/2020

Howdy everyone in CTR land. Been getting lots of questions about this years race, specifically if it is still happening.

Right now I am not cancelling the race, not yet.

The plan is to wait till the end of May, this is about two months out from the start date. My hope is that it gives folks a chance to change plans if the race is a no go and also give things time to possibly calm down and be safe enough for the event to proceed.

While being on the trail is probably not a dangerous place to be during this pandemic, it is not appropriate to add risk and exposure to the small towns along the way. The race can not endanger folks living along the route, the CTR can not degrade the Colorado Trail, or give cause for the future of this event to be in jeopardy. Believe me I would be very sad to have to cancel this years ride, but the future is more important, so hold your horses and take a chill.

Thanks everyone!



Eddie Clark Media