About Me, Jefe Branham

I am a resident of the Gunnison Valley, in Colorado, USA.

I am rabid fan of being outside, chasing after my dogs, riding bikes, skiing, backpacking, camping, all the above make me a happy person.

I am also addicted to pushing myself. Always looking to go longer, faster, with less sleep, food, sunshine, what ever it is that mother nature throws at me I want to persevere through it and learn from the experience.

Being outside and having everything from sweet weekend camping trips to racing down the divide on a singlespeed mountain bike, has enriched my life in so many ways that I once didn’t think possible. Now I want to inspire others to get out into the world and experience the wonders in holds. Let go of preconceived notions of what is possible, define it for yourself, live damn it!

12 thoughts on “About Me, Jefe Branham

    • Thanks Morgan,
      Sometimes I wonder what the hell I am doing, usually going for a bike ride settles the issue! Thanks so much for reading and responding, it really does mean a lot!!!!

  1. Jefe, I’ve been planning to do the divide for 4 years. Last year, I did 700 miles before my son wanted to call it quit. This year I’m going again but unlike you I’m a 8-6 desk jockey. I love to ride but my job requires me to sit. I get home exhausted. Riding is far from my thoughts. Then I read your blog, hop on the bike (even the indoor one), and I ride. It’s raining hard today and tomorrow is Saturday. I’m going mud riding thanks to you.

    • Good On Ya George!
      I hear ya, I work two jobs and they both kick my ass, often the last thing I want to do is ride or actually train after a long day of work. But the thing is, I always feel better after going for a ride. Always beats just staying home, surfing the internet and drinking beer. It takes a community of us outdoor enthusiasts to give each other inspiration and motivation to get out there. No matter if it is training for the TD or just changing your day. Hell Yeah!!!
      Thanks for reading, happy pedaling, I’m headed out in a touch myself…hill sprints, ouch!

  2. Congratulations on your Tour Divide Ride! Each year I am inspired by the folks who make this odyssey adventure and follow the travels of the cyclists. What a life changing experience it must be. Like other commenters, I love your post about the great outdoors and I also feel most connected with living and with the world when I’m outside, almost always on my bike. Year-round, frigid Minnesota winters and all, two wheeled travel is the best way to see the world and feel the pulse of life around you and to let go of any daily troubles. Cheers!

  3. Jefe,

    My Wife and I just moved to Colorado from Oklahoma, and we absolutely love it here. I read about your recent TD ride and win and let me tell you Sir you have definitely inspired me to push harder and get off my keister and EXPLORE, this beautiful state, I’m 47 years old and it was really cool to see a “40 something” kick some ass, I now have a goal to complete the TD before I’m 50! Thank You for sharing your experience! It is awesome! See you on the trail some day!


    • Congrats David!
      Moving to Colorado changed my life for sure.
      So stoked that I could inspire you to get after it…hope you don’t curse me out when you do the TD!
      Thanks for reading and enjoy your summer!

  4. Jefe: Congratulations on your Divide tour win! Even though I tend to push myself as well (Ironman, ultra running, backcountry skiing, xc skiing and chasing after one dog!) I know that what you experienced was way beyond anything I ever did. Heck, I just climbed a 2697m peak in the Monashees and thought that was an accomplishment šŸ™‚ I honestly don’t know how you can keep going for 16 days in those conditions, and you certainly inspire me to get back out there as well. I sense that we have the same appreciation for nature and being outside, the sunsets, contently sitting in front of a tent with the dog, and also finding out what our bodies can handle. If I was a bit closer, it would be great to compare notes over coffee (used to live in Boulder but am further away now!). I wish there were more people like you around! Enjoy your next adventure!!

    • Biggi,
      Inspiration is something we all can use from time to time, so happy to hear that little ole me can inspire someone to get out there and find that solace that comes from being outside and getting that precious combination of blood and sweat that is so addictive. Every experience that makes us smile, makes us happy and keeps us coming back is an accomplishment. Keep on keeping on!!!
      Thanks So Much For Reading,

  5. I do pretty good finding the motivation to do all these outdoor things but it’s good to know that there are other people out there that are just as crazy about pushing it and watching the sunsets from a high mountain camp šŸ™‚ And my trail running faceplants certainly have brought the “blood” aspect into the picture šŸ˜‰ haha.
    Off for an open water swim …

  6. Hey man,

    I just wanted to reach out to you. My name is Jason, I raced TD last year on a fixed gear. I had a horrible, wonderful time out there and swore I wouldn’t do it again. Right now I wish more than anything to be out there again. I am seriously jonesin!! But congrats on your awesome ride last year. Pretty incredible given the conditions. You are badass! I have just been reading some of your posts and they ring true to me in more ways than one. It would be cool to get together and have a beer sometime. Hey also, I was wondering about your bivy setup you used last year. i heard about it but never saw any photos. I build bags, tarps, down quilts too. Barking Bear Bagworks if you want to check me out.



    • Hi J,
      Congrats on doing the TD on a fixie that honestly sounds super freaking crazy, but bad ass none the less!!!
      After last year I swore, briefly, that I’d never do it again. I too really wanted to be at the start in Banff tomorrow, in fact it is kinda killing me that I’m sitting this one out, didn’t think it would as hard to stay home, but it is proving to be very hard.
      Would be down for a beer if we cross paths, where are you based? I live in Gunny Colorado, but I do get a round some for a race here and there.
      I made my own bivy, there is a blog post on Bikepackers magazine about it. I call it a Bivy/Bag, basically a water proof sleeping bag. I made that one out of water proof breathable Cuben fiber on the top, and non-brezthabale Cuben on the bottom and a layer+ of Climbashield on the top, just a pad on the bottom, like a quilt. Worked great and was just under a pound altogether, would rock it again if I get out there.
      Gonna check out your stuff for sure, love geeking out over sleeping systems and such.
      Thanks so much for reading and reaching out, very much appreciated!

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