2023 Colorado Trail Race, what ya need to know

Group Start date and time, 4:AM, Sunday, August 13th, 2023, Durango Co.  ITT’s are welcome any time the trail is passable, usually the end of June, but depends greatly on what kind of winter we have. Group Start location will be in town and announced before the race.

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Route: https://www.plotaroute.com/route/1630666 Route should be the same as the last 2 years, with possible exceptions for wildfires, reroutes, etc.

Leadville Bypass is still in play: https://www.plotaroute.com/route/1594283 The Bypass is simply a faster route that is acceptable for riders not needing the services in town.

Rules: it is your job to know them and respect them: https://jwookieone.com/colorado-trail-race/colorado-trail-race-rules/ *more on that below…

New thing for this year:

>>>The amazing riders of the CTR 2023, you will be sponsoring two trail crews through the Colorado Trail Foundation, a total sponsorship of $4,000. This means riders of the Grand Depart and ITT’ers are heavily encouraged to make a donation to the Colorado Trail Foundation. Suggested minimum donation is $50, please feel free to give more, all donations will go straight to the trail. The Colorado Trail Race considered making this mandatory for everyone wanting to take part, instead we ask that riders please donate a minimum $50 if you are riding the CT this season so that the CTR can add a big positive impact to the trail.

Donation link: https://coloradotrail.org/donate-special-cause/

The CTR requests that riders donate during the same calendar year they are racing/ITT-ing. The CTR is not looking to monetize things, but it is time to support the very trail that makes this ride possible and for CTR riders to make a positive difference. The Colorado Trail does not maintain itself, it takes work and money to keep it open and accessible. $50 bucks isn’t much per rider but can make a big impact collectively. Your donation does not guarantee you a spot in the Group Start, so plan accordingly. Your donation also does not give you any special privileges on the trail!

Please keep reading, all this information is important.

There is no formal registration!!! Trackleaders will be used to keep a tally of riders wanting to be tracked, sign up for Trackleaders won’t be until a month out from Group Start, so July 13th 2023! Please do not contact me trying to save you a spot in the group start, that is not how this works. Be patient, so far the actual number of riders in the past year’s Group Starts has not hit the limit of 74 riders and again ITT’s are welcome anytime 24 hours before or after the group start date. Sign up for Trackleaders will be available for ITT’s once things have dried out.

*Rules and such! If you do not want to strictly follow the CTR rules, or the CTR course, or want to take your time on the CT, please consider touring it or simply riding it on your own. Riding the Colorado Trail is just as amazing of an experience as racing it and allows many riders the flexibility to perhaps have a better time, as well as leaving more room for folks that are dedicated to racing it within the rules of the CTR. To be clear, there are lots of ways to experience the CT outside of the race and all the rules, start time, etc, that go along with it. Want to take a film crew and make a movie, or have family and friends meet you at trailheads, go for it, but not as part of the CTR. Want to skip a few sections, why not, but don’t compare yourself to those who ride 100% of the course. There are plenty of opportunities and ways to ride the CT and the CTR is just one of them and is focused on a self supported, go as fast as you can style on the prescribed course.

Past Finishers! The CTF is looking to record your completion of the trail, your added numbers help them get additional funding, gauge trail use, etc, You Get Recognized for your effort! Follow link: https://coloradotrail.org/completer-certificate-request/ This goes for finishers of the CTR going forth, let the CTF know about your ride.

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Please Do Your Homework! If you are serious about racing the CTR, start doing the research, testing your gear, getting in shape, start now! There is no excuse for starting the CT without seeking out the wealth of knowledge and information out there about this route. There are countless blog posts, stories, past splits, the CT data book, the FB Page, and so much more. Trust me as a 9 time finisher, knowledge is power!

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