2022 CTR Fills Up, man I am tired

On Thursday, July 14th, Tracking registration opened up for this year’s Colorado Trail Race, it filled up in record time, just over 6 hours. It has been a slightly hectic run up to the race. I have gotten so many emails, messages and texts. The past few weeks I have spent part of my mornings, my lunch breaks, and some of every evening trying to get back to everyone that contacts me. Answering questions, writing and editing posts, sharing links, doing my own research, and making lists of names. It feels like a lot somedays!

There are lots of experienced riders including a talented women’s field showing up. I am stoked on all that. Despite the accusations of being a “gatekeeper”, nothing could be farther from the truth. I am always encouraging and supportive of folks wanting to take on this ride. When it comes to the Race, it just has to be done within the rules and within the ethos set forth, and I am always willing to be helpful in defining and explaining that as well. As a race director I get really nervous about setting a whole bunch of people with the intention of going as fast as they can, loose on the Colorado Trail. Many of these folks I know nothing about, I just hope that all the info out there has the majority of them educated enough to know how hard this ride is, what the rules are, and that they are prepared.

I will admit it was really hard to not be signing up to race as well. I love the CTR beyond words and it is always hard to sit it out. It really hit me on Thursday morning when I opened registration for Trackleaders. It hit me that I was not racing, also that I am not ready for the ride this year. Life has got me so busy and distracted with so many things other than riding my bike and doing big hikes, that I am really not in the kind of shape needed to have a good CTR. That was a gut punch that I am still feeling. I have managed to pull off a few big rides in the past few years, but I am drifting farther and farther from that ability, as I seem to get out less and less. So all you out there touring or racing the CT, get some of that amazing goodness for me!

3 thoughts on “2022 CTR Fills Up, man I am tired

  1. It’s hard when that transition out of race mentality starts it’s inevitable approach-I too resisted it, didn’t like how it felt mentally or physically. But-to be able to do it on our own terms is helpful, even if those ‘terms’ are merely the glorious distractions of life! I am now firmly on the descent-side of not racing and have been enjoying it immensely! My body is still capable of doing hard shit-just not as often or as fast. And I enjoy the freedom and lack of stress and anxiety I now have when it comes to riding and running. It took a minute tho, and I’ve learned to enjoy each moment and all the moments in between. I appreciate how you always get back to enjoying life and your willingness to share your thoughts. “Some things were meant to be only for a moment.” (a wise preacher-man once told me)

  2. Helluva appreciative of your effort you put this – especially your drive to unapologetically preserve the ethos of the race. Your focus & clarity on the principles is a welcome relief in a world of compromises and ambiguity. See you in August.

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