Howdy everyone in Colorado Trail Race Land!

2022 is still over a month away and winter has yet to even hit Colorado, but there has been a lot of interest in the 2022 CTR already. So instead of waiting till the first of the year to get the info out there, gonna get it out there right away so folks can start to plan.

The Group Start for the 2022 CTR is going to be Sunday, August 14th, 4:AM, Waterton Canyon TH/North Terminus of the CT. Group Start will again be limited to 74 riders. There will be no official registration as this is not an official race, same as last year. Trackleaders will be used to keep track of the majority of riders, as it seems most folks want to be tracked, folks not wanting to be tracked can of course get a spot in the Group Start. None Of This Will Take Place till sometime the end of June!!! Please do not contact me to get on a list till June. Be patient, Keep Planning and Training, but there will be no Registration of Any Kind, including Trackleaders, till sometime in June!

The reason for the August Group Start and field size limit is the impact the CTR has on other trail users. In 2021 there were an amazing amount of folks out on the trail, so many hikers! There is quite a few less trail users in the month of August and that is that. July ITT’s are of course welcome.

Rules are the same as last year and feel free to read them over. Course will hopefully be the same as well unless there are significant changes to the trail, wildfires, etc.

Everyone stay safe and healthy!!!

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